About Us

I3i Solutions provides specialist project management services in IT related fields. We have worked
for a number of years supplying IT products and specialist hardware solutions to Government
Departments in the Commonwealth of Dominica.
This has included designing and manufacturing specialist charging trolleys for IT equipment to work
in specific environmental considerations and customer specifications.
Including supplying individual asset tagging as part of the supply solution.
Contracts have been won and delivered successfully over a number of years
Our logistics support and contact in the areas we operate provide our partners with the ability to
deliver their product and solutions with the least amount of issues.
We have also been involved in assisting UK companies in demonstrating and co-operating with the
Ministry of Defence in Ukraine. We signed co-operation agreements with departments of the
Ministry to showcase and demonstrate the possibilities of equipment and solutions to their specific
requirements. We were involved in signing agreements to loan equipment for training and
evaluation purposes.
We have worked on a wide range of solution proposals with different partners from specialist
communications, surveillance, and cyber security.